It is will great excitement ATCM assessors from the UK, will be out evaluating our area SATURDAY May 14th.

The Chasing the Purple Flag Steering Committee developed nine strategies for improving safety and vibrancy of our area.

Tour starts 6pm and right through the night till 2am. Streets, alleys, parking lots, businesses and late night venues within the WAREHOUSE DISTRICT (104th Street Promenade) will be noticed, hence you receiving this email.
The Warehouse area looks wonderful, but I am asking one more favor. Provide a warm welcome to our group. 
Tour outline is:
6pm – Tour of retail area on 104th street
7pm – Tour of restaurants on 106th street -103rd street
9pm – Tour Bars and wine bars
11pm – Tour Nightclubs
Midnight – Tour parks and parking lots
2 am – Observe dispersal
Key messaging:
  • Committee members are seeking Purple Flag accreditation for the Warehouse District in order Edmontonians feel more at ease when visiting the core.
  • The Steering committee comprised of representative of: City of Edmonton, Business and Condo.
  • We want to be the First in North America to have Purple Flag designation
  • Purple Flag Designation means, everyone works towards a SAFE and VIBRANT area.
The Key Performance Indicators attached has nine aims: Strong measurements for vibrancy, reduce levels of alcohol abuse and harm, increase choice for consumer, increase footfall, positive perception of patrons, increase business prosperity, widening consumer representation, increase patrons  and increase funding to charities.